Welcome to Elite Boat Sales! We are located in the houseboat capital of the world, Southern Kentucky. We are a full time, year round brokerage located on Lake Cumberland Kentucky, Patoka Lake Indiana, and Dale Hollow Lake in Both Kentucky and Tennessee.

The expert team at Elite Boat Sales understands the boat buying and selling process and provides valuable insight and assistance with your boating investment. You can count on our years of experience in boating industry and our commitment to excellence to help you with your boating needs.

We list and sell a wide variety of houseboats, cruisers and other watercraft. We provide superior service to our customers, assisting buyers and sellers all over the world in making their boating dreams come true.

Please contact us at (800)-234-3625 or boats@eliteboatsales.net for Lake Cumberland and (502) 905-7319 or theresa@eliteboatsales.net for Dale Hollow, Barren River, and Taylorsville lakes. Also (502) 817-6992 or bryan@eliteboatsales.net for Patoka, Nolin and Rough River Lakes.



1.1963 11 x 39 Homecraft Houseboat #5657THendricks Creek Marina, Dale hollow Lake KY$8,000.00
2.1987 12 x 40 Playbouy Aluminum Pontoon Houseboat 5654T Dale Hollow Lake Ky$10,500.00
3.1973 14x43 Val-Cruz Houseboat #5607THendricks Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, KY$11,500.00
4.1976 16 x 52 Stephens Houseboat W/ Alum fishing boat #5639THendricks Creek marina, Dale hollow Lake , KY$19,999.00
5.1979 16 x 53 Stephens Houseboat #5623THolly Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, TN$20,000.00
6.1973 13x58 Stardust Houseboat #5640THendricks Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake KY$21,500.00
7.1978 16 x 60 Stephens Houseboat #5622THolly Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, TN$31,999.00
8.1982 15 x 46 Sumerset Aluminum Houseboat 5653TDale hollow Lake KY$48,900.00
9.1988 18 x 65 Stephens Houseboat #5638THolly Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, TN$49,900.00
10.1994 18 x 59 Stardust Houseboat #5642State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$59,500.00
11.1989 15x65 Stardust Houseboat #5626State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$66,900.00
12.1987 14 x 75 Sumerset Houseboat #5664State Dock, Lake Cumberland KY$69,000.00
13.1988 14 x 56 Waterhouse Houseboat #5656TSulphur creek marina Dale hollow Lake KY$69,900.00
14.1978 14x60 Sumerset Houseboat #4736THolly Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, TN$73,500.00
15.1995 16 x 60 Jamestowner Houseboat #5658TSunset Marina, Dale hollow Lake TN$79,900.00
16.1992 16x72 Jamestowner Houseboat #4780TDale Hollow Lake$88,900.00
17.1988 16x70 Sumerset Houseboat #5575TWisdom Dock Marina, Dale Hollow Lake KY$99,000.00
18.1992 16 x 72 Jamestowner Houseboat 5655TDale Hollow Lake, KY$103,000.00
19.2000 14.5 x 64 Stardust Houseboat #5631State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$109,000.00
20.2001 16 x 70 Jamestowner Houseboat #5633THendricks Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, KY$129,000.00
21.1990 16 x 76 Sumerset Houseboat #5615TTaylorsville Lake, KY$139,500.00
22.2000 16 x 66 Thoroughbred Houseboat #5624TDale Hollow Lake Ky$144,900.00
23.2008 16 x 66 Sumerset Houseboat #5610Kirby Landing, Lake Greeson AR$155,000.00
24.1995 16x86 Sumerset #5666Beaver Creek Marina, Lake Cumberland$164,000.00
25.1999 16x80 Sumerset Widebody #5665State Dock, Lake Cumberand, KY$174,000.00
26.2004 16x76 Sumerset Houseboat #5599State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$179,000.00
27.2003 16 X 64 Sunstar Houseboat WB #5648Jamestown Marina, Jamestown KY$179,000.00
28.2003 16x70 Horizon Houseboat #5667State Dock, Lake Cumberand, KY$179,500.00
29.2000 17x82 Fantasy Houseboat #5483Jamestown Marina, Lake Cumberland, KY$219,000.00
30.2001 18x76 Lakeview Houseboat #5577State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$219,000.00
31.2002 18x75 Fantasy Houseboat #5404State Dock, Lake Cumberland$225,000.00
32.1999 18 x 85 Sumerset Houseboat #5572TState Dock Dale hollow Lake, KY$225,900.00
33.2003 17 x 79 Lakeview Houseboat #5617TSulphur Creek Marina, Dale Hollow Lake, kY$229,000.00
34.2000 16 x 84 Fantasy Custom Yacht #5661State Dock, Lake Cumberland KY$245,000.00
35.2006 20x102 Fantasy Houseboat #5619Grider Hill Marina, Lake Cumberland, KY 42629$425,000.00
36.2015 20 x 106 Stardust Custom Yacht #5651State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$1,199,000.00
37.2008 22x115 Thoroughbred Houseboat #5484State Dock, Lake Cumberland, KY$1,200,000.00